Who are Premium Lighting Solutions?

Premium Lighting Solutions has in-house Design, Development & Manufacturing capabilities which help us to deliver end-to-end solutions in focused industry verticals

Our customers range from high technology start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporation. Premium Lighting Solutions family firmly believes that a customer is for life and strives to maintain its growing base of customers.

Services Offered
  • Customised Hi-Technology Lighting Solutions
  • Energy-saving Technology
  • Consulting in Lighting Technologies
Business Areas
  • Wireless systems
  • Power systems
  • Obsolete Management
  • Integrated industrial information & management systems
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Engineering Services
Industrial Sectors Catered
  • Office Lighting
  • Healthcare Lighting
  • Education Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Retail Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Induction Flood / Street Lighting
  • Signage Lighting
  • Hospitality Lighting
  • Wind Power
  • Process
  • Power
  • Education
  • Telecommunication
  • Wireless Energy Display Systems
  • Energy Saving Ballasts
  • Building Lighting Automation Products
  • Customised Intelligent Lighting Solutions
Key Strength Areas
  • Product definition and understanding of product life cycle issues including post deployment customer support
  • Architecting products and solutions
  • Help customer generate requirements
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Project management
  • Development of application enablers and middleware
  • Established quality systems
Geographies Served
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • India

Premium Lighting Solutions has been working with small & medium as well as Fortune 500 companies in these countries. References can be provided on request.

Technology Areas
  • LED Product Design
  • Induction Lighting Design
  • Energy-Saving Fluorescent Lighting
  • Embedded electronics design and manufacture
  • Automated Lighting Controls
  • Proximity and Ambient Environment Controls
  • Power Electronics Design and manufacture
  • Embedded software and GUI development
  • Data acquisition
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Event driven systems and architectures

    We have worked with leading edge technologies over a decade. This has honed our skill set especially in product architecting and developing mission critical systems. This enriched experience gained has imbibed strong software engineering discipline and an excellent learning and adaptation capabilities.

  • 10,000 Sq. ft of state-of-the-art test laboratory located, Mahape, New Mumbai India.
  • 12,000 Sq. ft of state-of-the-art test laboratory and warehousing located, Wales, United Kingdom.
  • Bandwidth through leased line telecommunication and data transfer.
  • Fully equipped manufacturing setup with capabilities for BGA and MicroBGA assemblies
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