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Industrial Lighting

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Average Annual Savings

In many cases, industrial lighting has not changed significantly in the last twenty or thirty years. Many factories have SON, metal halide and/or traditional batten fluorescent fittings. Not only are these technologies inherently inefficient in terms of their electrical usage and light delivery, but they are typically always left on whether a particular production or workshop area is occupied or not; hence creating significant levels of energy waste.

At a time when energy efficiency is at the top of the agenda, assessing and implementing the correct lighting solution is highly important. Sourcing the right suppliers who can deliver the right solution, without production down-time, can be a difficult task in itself. PLS manufactures and supplies a range of high-level and low-level lighting solutions that can deliver savings of around 75%, whilst still delivering the correct lighting levels that your operations require.

"We decided to have energy efficient lighting installed as it had been identified that our departmental lighting was one of our energy intensive areas.  By installing energy efficient lighting we would be able to lower our carbon emissions in-line with our carbon reduction commitment strategy; as well as improving our overall energy consumption of electricity by reducing the long term cost risk of rising energy prices. We are really happy with the work undertaken as it has not only fulfilled our expectations by reducing our carbon emissions and reducing the energy burden upon, us but it has also improved the working conditions in the workspace where they are situated. Initially, when the shop floor staff were looking directly at the fittings, they were adamant they were dimmer and gave less light out than the old fittings, however when it was pointed out that the surrounding areas (which were still using the old type lights) were in fact much darker, they soon commented on the improvement. The major impact for me was the massive improvement in lighting levels in that area coupled with the actual carbon and energy reduction. As a whole the installation and project ran very smooth."Matt Bingham - Maintenance SupervisorView case study
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