Intelligent solutions for Wind Power Generation

Wind Power Generation

We are extremely pleased to introduce to you, one more revolutionary product. PLS has always been innovative in providing the latest cutting-edge technological products to its customers. When we introduced the 300W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) system, we had promised some of our clients to fulfil their need of higher capacity systems. Now we are ready with a complete range of VAWT systems generating up-to 3000W power. These VAWT can serve as a single source of energy generation (in windy areas such as Seaside, or remote Mountain areas) or can be coupled together with appropriate solar panels so as to become a complete off-grid solution.

This new range of VAWT generators works on a proven Magnetic Levitation technology to enhance efficiency. The three wing-blades are built on similar principles as aircraft wings, which help the turbine to rotate and generate energy at a very low wind speeds. Major advantages with the VAWT system are - Low start-up wind speed, Less Noisy - as compared to traditional Horizontal Axis Wind mills, Excellent structural stability as compared to HAWT, Freedom from directional wind - performance not affected due to changes in wind direction, low maintenance, as the main generator is suspended using Mag Lev technology - there is no mechanical wear & tear.

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